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20 April 2019

Militaria Show Today

13 April 2019

Essential Reading For Rural Northeasterners

If you live in the Northeast, and are rural (or want to be), you should be subscribing to this periodical or at the very least picking up an occasional copy at the local Tractor Supply. The more austute among you will recognize the essential need to stay informed about local and regional issues, which includes reading material you might not necessarily agree with 100%. 


06 April 2019

In A Kid's Meal Giveaway

For the ignorant, this is a mono-alphabetic substitution cipher.

Subway and Nickelodeon get my kudos for introducing crypto to 3-12 year kids. It teaches linguistics and analytics. And promotes privacy.

Crypto. So easy an elementary school kid can do it. What's your excuse?

Linkz From Yesterday

Just stuff I was looking at.

02 April 2019

More Spread Spectrum

It was one of those times when I realized I've forgotten more than many people know about electronic communications.

I was chatting on a private forum, and one of the participants sent this link: - Spread Spectrum Scene

This was one of the earliest resources we used in the early days of the l0pht's G'net (Guerrilla Net) project, working on wireless data infrastructure. It had escaped my recall until then.

Lots of good information on that site.

01 April 2019

Outland Tek Musings: Reference Material

The Reference Material Page is back up.

Outland Tek Musings: Reference Material: FM24-20(60) - Field Wire and Cable Techniques Frank and the Five Meter Liberation Army (FMLA) The VHF-UHF DX Book The VHF-UHF Primer-...

31 March 2019

Final Sparks31 Class Schedule for 2019 - Connecticut and Virginia - This is it! Last chance!

More information at

Lynchburg, VA - June 1-2, 2019 - $300
Watertown, CT - July 20-21, 2018 - $300
Visit to enroll.

These are the last two Sparks31 classes being held. Ever. Unless you want to dump $2,000+ for a private class, and I don't think you're an ass-clown.

If you paid for a past class, and couldn't make it because something happened on your end, this is your last chance.

If you kept saying you wanted to go, and couldn't for whatever reasons, this is your last chance.

If you have attended a previous class, and want a free refresher with the latest information, try to attend one of these two (and send me an email to let me know you're coming).

I have distilled thirty plus years of experience in the electronic communications field (and not just as a hobbyist as some people erroneously think) working with companies such as Motorola, General Dynamics, Raytheon,  MCI, and United Technologies. This is not a go into the field and set up radios after talking about different radio services and police scanners class. This is a brain dump that'll help upgrade your electronic communications skill set by an order or two of magnitude, from one of the people who helped start the technological survival movement.

And if you remember Cybertek from back in the day, send me an email, and come visit for a private (old-school friends only) party Saturday night. Think Summercon '96 or HOPE '94. You know who you are. Bring Sam Adams, or Spaten. And esoteric electronics. We'll reminiscence, try to stay out of trouble, and toast absent frieknds.

We're not getting any younger.