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04 March 2019

A Question via WRSA

An anonymous commenter on WRSA asked:

"Which band do you recommend learning about for ultimate future use? 3 MHz and vehicle-sized magloops for NVIS? CB band because gray man? 900 Mhz or 2 Ghz or 5 GHz because small antennas and directional?"
I don't recommend any particular band. For ultimate future use, I suggest having your group/tribe pool funds to send their smartest member to school for an electrical engineering degree. That member will hopefully then be able to design a custom system for your group/tribe based on your specific needs, as well as other useful things. The system at the very least should be spread spectrum, encrypted, highly directional, and using the minimum amount of RF output power needed to establish reliable communications over the distance needed.

If the environment is really non-permissive, then stay off RF.

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