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02 March 2019

Basic Training, or How Not To Be A Black Pill Ballchinian

I visited a bookstore today. This is part of an important bi-weekly routine I have been doing for the past 36 years. I don't always buy something, but I peruse the periodicals and non-fiction selections, and observe. If the store has a cafe, I'm the guy there people watching while nursing a cappuccino. If you found a microSD card in a book you bought, you're welcome. It was probably me or one of my operatives that put it there. Polemic and the means to keep one's thoughts private, electronically. 

Today was a good day, and I came home with two items. Here they are:

The magazine is a regular read. Probably the best survivalist magazine out there in that it's full of practical information instead of advertising.

The book is part of what I will be calling my "basic training" selections. It is not political or paramilitary, but it doesn't need to be. It has a far more important purpose in teaching basic observation and documentation, among other things perhaps. 

I was reading another blog today, and came across the term "black pill." Since I have a life and spend most of my time in the real world, I actually had to look it up and there went 30 seconds that I'll never get back. 

My advice to anyone contemplating following that red/blue/black pill psychobabble is to visit a bookstore, wander around the asiles randomly until the voice in your head tells you to stop, and buy the first book that catches your eye for more than a few seconds. Then go have a coffee with the book and wait for some nerdy girl to chat you up. Congratulations, you now have a date. It might take a few tries, but the best girls are the ones that frequent bookstores.

Go out into the world. Observe and learn. Take on some self-reliance and preparedness hobbies that might get you laid by a cute nerdy girl. Get yourself a life you can enjoy, instead of being a black pill ballchinian. If the shit hits the fan you'll be ready. If it doesn't in your lifetime, that's a bonus.

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