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11 March 2019

Finding Learning Tools at Target

I visited a Target store a couple days ago, and found these while wandering through the electronics section:

Three different RaspberryPi kits. Walk in, pay with anonymous cash, and it's yours.

When I started learning about computers, it was with a 2K Timex Sinclair 1000 that cost $100 in 1983 money. Now you can get something orders of (the) magnitude better for a third of the cost, in 2019 money.

Why is this important?

If you are serious about state-of-the-art electronic communications systems for ultimate future use, and want to start with self-study, this is one of the platforms I recommend. Several hobbyists have mated this with various SDRs, and you can find their work via a Google search.

This is an example of the stuff I'll be teaching at upcoming classes. When the instructor has over 30 years of professional and hobbyist experience, you can expect significantly more than a weekend of basic stuff that you can learn by joining your local ham club, participating in Field Day, and keeping your mouth shut. If you do need help with that stuff because you can't find a good elmer,, come to one of my free basic classes in Connecticut and I'll be your Elmer.

Or you can be like this guy.

Don't be that guy. Be this guy instead.
Because applied knowledge is power.
I know. Dressing like a real-world human being and learning about specialized electronics isn't as sexy as strapping on an M4orgey with all the assorted tactical fooferaw and getting in some camerman's face, armed with something that it easily outclassed in the high desert by a common varmint rifle, let alone an M24 in capable hands.

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