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03 April 2019

From the Beginning, Redux

This is one of the books that got me started.

If it helps you out, go help the author out and buy a hardcopy.

And here is another site you'll want to bookmark and go through:

From the Castillian Spanish. Meaning vessel or tank. 
Mountain canyons here in the Desert Soutwest are often subject to violent flash floods. Floodwaters that can carve out monolithic rock basins. These tinajas hold water during drought times.  Given enough luck, a  tinaja  can rarely be found that is severely infested with nude females. Of varying shapes and sizes.  
A tinaja quest is simply a search for tinajas.  The all time grand champion tinaja questor of all times was Ed Abbey. Who wrote numerous books on them during his lifetime. 

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  1. Forrest Mims' books are great. I had one or two way back when. I remember they used to sell them in Radio Shack.


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