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14 May 2019

Electronic Security A La Carte - Part 2 (and Some Crazy Rant You Can Ignore)

Redacted for various reasons, but 2.4 GHz, digital, and FHSS. Looks like I also found the chipset used, which is very useful to know if you harbor nightly fantasies of functioning around a dystopian society in the high Cybertek tradition. Nah, don't dream it. Be it. Like T.W. Lee once said, 

"Youngest ever veteran of the Psychedelic Wars, Tommy Hawk was."
That should give the poor gormless drones (probably the ones who were honey potted in from lurking among us something to try to think on for a while. 

In the meantime, I got a lab full of assorted shithouse fixtures I need to fuck with and write about for those readers who are among the Great Pumpkin's loftier creations.


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