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11 May 2019

General Update

Finally seeing a slowdown of visits from a certain patriot/prepper site. It's about time the dilettante deluge ended.

Only three weeks until the Virginia class, but still plenty of time to sign up. Alumni can come free, and since it's been five years since I did a full scale East Coast class, there's a lot of updated material to cover, including Baofeng vulnerabilities that will shut one down with common off the shelf equipment. Hey, I let people know that they were junk, and after June I suspect many of them will become non-operational when some less-restrained folks get ahold of the info. Yes, Virginia, Baofengs still suck as bad as they did five years ago. Only difference is that now people should know better. If they would only pay less attention to Brietbart and Barnhardt and listen closely when the adults are speaking.

The state of Connecticut, and I suspect other states, offer free college tuition to veterans and National Guard members. So to answer the retarded ass clown on another blog who made the MIT comment, no one wouldn't be able to do MIT, but if one joined the National Guard (in Massachusetts) they could go to UMASS for an EE/CS degree which would be good enough, if they would only grow a pair and leave their safe space, but that is the typical behavior I have come to expect from that scene.

For those of you who posses more common sense, there are worse things you can commit eight years towards than the National Guard. If you can't get an electronics or tradesman MOS then go clerical, finance, or logistics. The military needs support people as much as they need combat arms.  Actually, go for the available MOS or AFSC that requires the highest ASVAB score you qualify in.  We had the biggest, baddest, most ornery trouble-maker in High School talk to an Army Recruiter, take the ASVAB, and go into the Finance Corps. He's now a CPA with enough money to do whatever he wants, including buy politicians. He's been getting legislation he doesn't like subtlety altered to be less odious to his sense of aesthetics. I'm glad he's on my side, or more realistically I'm glad the dude doesn't hate me.  You can be that guy, smart instead of a stupid ass-clown hanging out with other ass-clowns hand-jobbing each other whenever someone reposts an AOC or Biden meme on their walled garden safe space.

Amyway, to reiterate, there are two Technology, Intelligence, and Communications Classes left. One is in Connecticut, and the other is in Virginia. Advanced training is available from your state college/university, and in many cases can be free (or close to it) if you're willing to join the state organized militia for a few years. As a bonus, some desirable MOSes offer a cash incentive if you sign up for them, and you get some useful training to help you out in other aspects of your life. Yes, there is a certain risk entailed, but since you're one of the Great Pumpkin's loftier creations you're going to put it back in your pants and become a 36B, 94F, or 42A instead of an 11B or 19D. Don't know what those MOSes are? Then go Google them. For those of you who are broke and spent your youth doing things to ensure that you'd never make it though MEPS, here is a freebie:

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